19. Huawei Global Analyst Summit - Make China Business Better

19. Huawei Global Analyst Summit – Make China Business Better

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In the last few days in China, a huge conference of global analysts has been held in their large capital Shenzhen. The said conference is called Huawei Global Analyst Summit.

Namely, analysts from all over the world gather at this event, but above all analysts who are closely connected with finance and industry. Of course, positive and useful experiences are exchanged at this event, but there is also talk about how to improve the situation in the industry. What current trends are available in the world, and what are the possible future trends. But of course all this is closely related to the development of Huawei and their strategy for the future. As every year, Huawei President Ken Hu gave a speech at the conference this year as well. He highlighted three important points during his speech. And these are that we need to work all the time on new innovations and improving the industry itself. That the whole industry must be fully digitized. In other words, the transformation from analog to digital must be carried out as soon as possible. He also stressed several times that optimization of energy consumption and optimization of energy supply is very important. Which would of course allow for lower costs in the industry, but above all a reduction in carbon emissions.

1. New innovation for the industry

Huawei as a Company is always looking to the future, and accordingly will continue to support the industry’s progress in connectivity. Well, we are not surprised that their vision is for us all to be interconnected with speeds of 10Gbps, but also to build an F5.5G network. Which is definitely a huge step in the evolution of fixed and wireless networks. Of course, that’s not all, because when it comes to cloud services, Huawei has already offered several good solutions. However, it continues to work on innovation in this area.

2. Digital transformation ​​for all users

As we said before, it is necessary to follow the trends in the world, so Huawei is always adapting to the needs of the market and industry. And because of that, it will soon start pre-checking all its products. In this way, it will be much easier to make the transformation into digital.

3. Optimizing energy for low carbon emissions

It really is nothing new when we say that Huawei is constantly working on building solar power plants. Which confirms that they are indeed working to reduce carbon emissions. But also reduce costs in the industry. Of course that’s not all because they are developing artificial intelligence, where they hope to be able to rely more and more on it primarily in computing.

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