5G smartphones continue to dominate China's market

5G smartphones continue to dominate China’s market

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5G smartphones China market

5G smartphones are definitely dominating China’s market. Because with the latest information for the November the industry increase almost 80% in shipments for the smartphones which is amazing result. So from available information in the November on Chinese market that was almost 30 million sold units. So we can freely say 5G world is expanding so fast that we believe next year everyone will have at least one 5G phone.

Besides smartphone market itself we need to say that November is really amazing month of this year because there is 15 new 5G smartphones rolled out in China. So basically professional customers can choose which one is most convenient for them. But also we can confirm that in the first 11 months of this year China market has almost 200 million units sold which is approximately 60% more compared with the last year before. So overall we can all agree that 5G technology is trending especially in China. But we are not surprised because China industry is growing every year, and it’s quite normal to have this kind of interest in new technologies.

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