About Chinese company Guangdong Creasee Industrial

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These days 3D printing world is really tough for any Chinese company including Guangdong Creasee Industrial. But still they are fighters and they will will not give up. Evan some Chinese companies for 3D printers have already shut down. So you can see it is not easy. Anyway Creasee is almost 5 years in business, and they continue to provide new 3D printers for their customers. From what I can see at this moment they have five different models. For example their latest 3D printer is CS50S Pro which is actually amazing because it provides a large printing area. In this case it is is 500x500x600mm. Also many people who already own their 3D printer mostly they are very satisfied with quality of the machine itself.

Guangdong Creasee Industrial

Besides that their customer service is also great and because in 85% they respond very quickly to try help their customer. China has many different 3D companies like Guangdong Creasee Industrial. About 3D models they have this: Skywalker, Phoenix, CS-20, CS-30, CS-50S Pro. All machines have required certificates which proves quality like CE, RoHS, and FCC. Beside the machine itself they also produce accessories for 3D printing, and of course some consumables. So as conclusion we can say they have all different kinds of 3D printers for beginners models to the high-end including industrial-grade 3D printers.

Below you can see Youtube review for Creasee Skywalker:

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