Alibaba wants to sell Weibo? It is said that they have buyers

Alibaba wants to sell Weibo? It is said that they have buyers

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Recently we have received interesting information that Chinese biggest e-commerce Alibaba is considering to sell approximately 30% of its shares of social platform Weibo. It this moment they are in contact with several possible buyers.

Alibaba wants to sell Weibo?

For example in 2013 Alibaba invested approximately 500 million US Dollars in the Weibo. Which is actually a lot of money for the social platform. But still in the next several years Alibaba continued to invest a lot of money. Where in 2014 they have increased capital by 400 million US Dollars.

Also it is very interesting that on December 8th 2021, Weibo wanted to complete it secondary listing. And they have done it in Hong Kong. After that shareholding information provides us that Alibaba has 28.94% of social platform Weibo. They have approximately 60 billion Hong Kong dollars in the shares. But also at the same time by market value they have approximately 17 billion Hong Kong dollars.

Normally for huge company like Alibaba, Weibo is very important channel for social business. And of course traffic acquisition. With Social network they can easily create new brand including fans for promoting.

Weibo is constantly losing customers

But unfortunately social marketing company is losing money too fast, although Alibaba revenue is increasing every year. Basically if you go through data, then you can easily see that from almost 3 million customers in 2018 is dropped to 1.6 million in 2020, and now at this moment in 2021 there is approximately only 800.000 advertisers.

So you can now understand why Alibaba wants to sell its shares to someone else. Because Weibo is constantly losing customers, but also at the same time the money.

We believe that in the next few months we are going to see who are the real potential customers for Weibo.

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