Best Budget 3D Printer: Creasee Skywalker Review

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Creasee Skywalker possible the best budget 3D printer at this moment with price below $300.

If you are looking for a best budget 3D printer, then you should definitely consider Creasee Skywalker. In this review i will explain to you why this machine is really the best choice. Creasee is a young Chinese company that has been producing 3D printers for some time. Of course, every beginning is difficult, so the situation is the same with them. That’s why they tried to have quality printers at the very beginning, and at the same time affordable. This is exactly the situation with the device Creasee Skywalker.

This 3D printer is very easy to use, so from the very beginning it was easy to assemble. Because it really takes you less than 5 minutes to put it together because it’s already practically 90% compound. The materials from which it is made are quality aluminum alloys. Once you power up this budget 3d printer, you will see that the UI is also simple without any complications.

After you print a test model, or you already want to print something 3d, you will see that with relatively little hassle you can get a quality 3d printed model. Total looking for relatively small amount of money around $350 you can get a very good device, but for more detailed information I recommend you to look below my Youtube review where you can further see how it actually works. and why I think that Creasee Skywalker is best budget 3D printer at this moment.

Here you can also see a Youtube review for this budget 3D printer.

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