Best Gaming mouse Redragon M721-Pro Lonewolf2 Review

Best Gaming mouse: Redragon M721-Pro Lonewolf2 Review

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Reddragon is a well-known company that has been producing gaming products for many years. So they are known for gaming keyboards, but of course also for mice. So today in review we have a desire to introduce to you their one new gaming mouse called the Redragon M721-Pro Lonewolf2.

Namely, it is a gaming mouse whose price is approximately 30 US dollars. Which makes it really very affordable considering that it offers a number of benefits at the same time, which we will show you later.

Below you can see what kind of packaging it comes in and what other than a mouse you will get. So as you can see besides the mouse, you will get short instructions, you will also get one small sticker with the company logo on it.

Redragon M721 Lonewolf2

Best Gaming mouse design

When we think about the quality of workmanship and the design of the Redragon M721-Pro Lonewolf2 gaming mouse. Then we can say only the best without any problems. Because without exaggerating the quality of the mouse, it is top notch. Because when we make a comparison with a much more expensive gaming mouse, we really can’t spot any difference. Every detail of the mouse is very well processed and the final treatment is top notch. Not to mention the design and rgb lighting that really looks powerful and very handy. The size of the mouse is not too big nor too small we believe it will suit most people. We have to say that they just hit the dimensions of the mouse. In addition, in a positive sense, the mouse has weights and is a bit heavier, but in fact it lies well in the hand and moves on the mouse pad. The mouse has 10 programmable keys. Which means that each key can be dedicated to a function, in other words this is a treat for real gamers.

When it comes to the speed of this gaming mouse Redragon M721-Pro, it really lags behind the others, since it offers a speed range from 100 to 32,000. Certainly they would not forget one detail, and that is that they put a rubber part on the left side of the mouse, which helps a lot when using the mouse. Because in this way this part of the rubber allows the mouse not to slip in your hand.

Redragon M721-Pro Lonewolf2 conclusion

We tested this mouse in several ways. Of course, we used it as in everyday use, for example when reading emails, surfing the Internet or possibly going to Facebook. And after a few hours of use my hand is not tired As if I had been using computers for only a few minutes. This further confirms that the mouse is ergonomically designed.

Of course we played a few games where He also notices that the speed of Misha is not in dispute. But we also programmed some keys. So we were able to activate some actions or speed up some actions with just one mouse click.

All in all this gaming mouse Redragon M721-Pro Lonewolf2 is great whose price is not too high. You should definitely consider this mouse, and if you decide you can buy it at their official online shop.

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