Best Small 3D Printer – Easythreed K7 Review

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Easythreed K7 Review

If you are looking for the best small 3D printer, then you have come to the right place. Because in this review I want to single out a few words about the machine called Easythreed K7. Namely if you are a beginner or have just started thinking about 3d printing, and about it in general. Then maybe for starters you don’t need to spend a lot of money to buy some kind of 3d printer.

Because Easythreed K7 costs less than $ 100 which is definitely super cheap. And at the same time you can print more or less anything of course to the dimension 100x100x100mm. Because the smaller ones are not realistically looking at the minus, since beginners are very unlikely to start printing large models. At least until they capture everything in the 3d printer world.

Apart from the low price, this 3d printer is completely easy to use. In terms of assembly, it is practically assembled because you only need to connect a few power cables and that’s it. With the 3d printer itself, you also get the necessary program with which you can save the desired models for 3d printing on a memory card.

Given that it is small in size, your workspace does not need to be large. While regarding the quality of the 3d print, I can freely tell you that if you adjust everything as it should, from just the calibration of the hotbed, to the settings of the 3d print. You can get a very good 3d model with this small 3d printer.

So we think Easythreed K7 is currently the best option when it comes to small 3d printers.


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