Pleasant Goat

Cai Dongqing the owner of “Pleasant Goat” earned 1.3 billion in 6 days

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Pokémon Red and Green Versions

Back in 1996, a hand game called Pokémon Red and Green versions was first released. At the beginning, it was thought that there would be none of that. Since only 120,000 copies were sold. Yet then the foundations for the legend were laid. Because from the very beginning until today, over 100 billion US dollars have been spent on Pokémon. Which definitely makes it the most profitable game in the world. These course has created a strong impact for the continued development of the industry in this area of ​​games. Of course, people do not only spend on certain goods.

But also on various derivative jobs. So we can then say of the total $ 100 billion in Pokemon revenue. Approximately $ 76 billion comes from licensing alone. Which in other words means that the development of one industry can encourage the development of other industrial chains that are directly or indirectly connected.

Pokémon Red and Green Versions

Chinese original intellectual property

In 2021, the well-known organization WikiMili published a list of the most valuable intellectual rights. And among them of course appeared Pokemon. Which is at the very top, and this really does not surprise us given the number of copies sold worldwide. While for example Tencent’s “Honor of Kings” took 50th place with a record revenue of 10 billion US dollars. With this of course representing the only Chinese original intellectual property on the list.

Also some time ago we could read how Aofei Entertainment is actually the owner of intellectual property rights like “Pleasant Goat”, and for example “Balala Little Magic Fairy”. He announced to the public that he has received authorization for the King of Glory. And thanks to that he intends to release a box called the Q-version of the egg series. But also other interesting similar products in the fourth month of this year.

China King of Glory


By the way, from May 20 to May, the said company has already announced various five daily limits in the last 6 trading days. And their value for that reason is a record 1.27 billion yuan. According to the current formations of QuestMobile company. On a monthly basis of active users King of glory has crossed a record 140 million. Which is really impressive for any game. Of course if these users can turn into consumers. Then definitely the goal is achieved. Of course, let’s not forget that Aofei Entertainment is also good at selling toys.

For example, in 2021, their total revenue from the sale of toys alone was 2.6 billion yuan. Looking back some time we can conclude that the said company has a really great start. And a continuation in the intellectual law market. However, in the last few years unfortunately sales are not very optimistic. Considering that they have lost approximately 400 million in the last two years.

Chinese businessman Cai Dongqing renamed Aofei Entertainment to Aofei Animation

After that, Aofei Entertainment was renamed Aofei Animation thanks to Chinese businessman Cai Dongqing. The businessman comes from an average family from Shantou. Where after his schooling or after high school he goes to work in an iron factory. He was very persistent working very hard even for 16 hours a day. But unfortunately the income was very small. When he turned 17, and with the help of his mother including friends. He managed to start his own business. But the most important moment in his life happened in 1992. Since he has always always wanted to go to Hong Kong.

Audi Toys Industrial Co.

Then he finally left in July of that year. And for the first time he saw toys from Japan that had all-wheel drive. And then he saw a business opportunity for his company. When he returned to China, he immediately founded a company called Audi Toys Industrial Co. And he immediately started producing small toys on all four wheels.

Cai Dongqing

Later, when he got back on his feet and had stability within his company, he invested 18 million yuan in organizing national youth competitions within China. Which encouraged young people to have fun but also to innovate. In 2009, Aofei Animation came to the Shenzhen Stock Exchange. It then became the first section of curiosity. On the first day, the share price was 40.95 yuan.

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