Chinese company DJI released new Mavic 3 drone with price of US$5,000

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Chinese company DJI has just a few days ago released a new drone Mavic 3 for only $5,000 which is about 32,888 yuan. That’s actually amazing because we believe this is the most expensive drone ever. In other words this is the flagship drone from consumer-oriented drone line. From what we can see the most important thing about this drone is dual-camera, AI-powered obstacle sensing.¬† But also we need to say that it will provide better battery durability, or in other words it will provide longer flight time.

So Mavic 3 drone is meant for professionals, and for people who believe that they are PRO. Even the company itself says that this drone provides professional imaging and flight technology. This is not surprising for us because in China many people uses drones, but first of all many of them called flyers became professional in short time, and because of that they demand better drones with more possibilities.

So as we said earlier Mavic 3 drone  have two cameras which provide definitely better videos, but also better quality of photos itself. Besides that we are very surprised because it will provide 28x hybrid camera zoom which is amazing.

Don’t worry if you don’t have enough money because Chinese company DJI has prepared several different models of this drone. So the starting price is 13,888 yuan, where the premium model called Mavic 3 Cine Premium Combo costs 32,888 yuan which is approximately 5000 US dollars.

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