Chinese company Monosaudio XLR cables Review - 99.998% Pure OFC Copper

Chinese company Monosaudio XLR cables Review – 99.998% Pure OFC Copper

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Monosaudio XLR cables Review

If you didn’t know XLR cables are most often used by professionals. Although nowadays you don’t need to be a professional to be able to use these audio cables. If you have high-end hifi equipment, then you should definitely consider using XLR cables. Namely, we would like to say a few words about Monosaudio A202X7R 99.998% OFC copper silver plated balanced interconnect XLR cables.

Of course if you are a big fan of music, and audio equipment in general. Then you always want to have the best possible equipment, because you use the highest quality equipment. So proportionally you can expect better quality sound, only the sky is the limit. XLR cables are most commonly used to use a HIFI mixer, but also when using a microphone, and an amplifier.

Monosaudio XLR cables

Monosaudio XLR cables

XLR cables usually have 3 pins, but there are also different versions. The 3-pin version has each separate pin for positive, negative, and ground. Of course let’s not forget that there is even a mini version of this audio cable. But all in all, you can see what it’s all about.
Now we come to the part where we talk about the middle ground, not all XLR cables are of the same quality. But this is nothing new, because we have worse products on the market for all types of products, but also quality ones.

Monosaudio XLR

99.998% Pure OFC Copper

In this case, the Chinese company Monosaudio chose the right path, since they focused on top HIFI quality. It may be harder for them in the beginning, but later when their customers are convinced of the quality, then everything will go according to plan.
In this test we want to show you the cables: Monosaudio A202X7R 99.998% OFC copper silver plated balanced interconnect, and Monosaudio A202X multiple 99.9998% pure copper silver plated balance interconnect cable.

As soon as you receive these cables in your hand, you can immediately notice that they are pro cables. You can immediately notice this from the design of the housing, connectors, pins, down to the smallest detail. We were also extremely pleasantly surprised with the packaging, which lets us know that there are no jokes with them.

Monosaudio A202X7R

The cables are made of the highest quality materials that are made of Oxygen-free copper. Which means that such copper will never corrode, because as you know corrosion can affect quality. Of course that’s not all because copper itself needs to be well protected for that to be the case. So the cables are protected with high-quality insulation made of polyurethane. The insulation is two-layer, 8.2 mm thick. This is of course very important to keep signal transmission losses to a minimum. During testing, we confirmed this, indeed the insulation is very high quality and smartly made. By the way I forgot to say that the wires are 0.5 mm x 5 thick, that is approximately 1.0 Sq (5 Core x 0.5 mm).

In our case, we used a microphone to test the Monosaudio hifi cable. In conclusion, we can tell you that the results are excellent. In other words, the content I record with the microphone is completely clean, clear, and without any noise. This is what we expect from a pro hifi cable. Of course, as a big plus, we noticed that the voice is completely natural, as if you were talking to someone directly.

Chinese company Monosaudio

Chinese company Monosaudio certificates

The main advantages of Monosaudio hifi cables are the thickness, durability, protection and insulation of the cables themselves. Also the connectors are very well designed, so it won’t be a problem to use them with most studio microphones. And for the end the prices are very affordable, where you can buy them at the following links.

Where to buy Monosaudio XLR cables?

Amazon USA

Amazon DE




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