Chinese scientists suggest the production of oxygen and fuel on the moon

Chinese scientists from Nanjing University can produce fuel on the moon

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Namely, the latest studies of Chinese scientists claim that water, oxygen and fuel can be easily produced from the lunar soil in a sustainable way. But most important of all, they claim to know how to do it in reality.

Since the moon contains certain compounds that can be converted into oxygen and fuel. Chinese scientists from Nanjing University believe they can design a system that will use the soil on the moon. Likewise, these claims have been taken very seriously, so it is not surprising that this study was published in the scientific journal Joule.

Of course, before publishing the study, Chinese scientists took soil samples from the moon, and after analysis found that lunar soil contains many useful compounds such as iron and titanium. Compounds that could allow them to act as catalysts for the production of desired products such as oxygen.

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After extensive testing and observation, the Chinese scientific team proposed a strategy called extraterrestrial photosynthesis. The said system would mainly use the lunar soil for electrolysis. It is also stated that the catalytic efficiency of lunar soil is lower than on earth, however several different approaches are currently being tested to improve the current system design to achieve better results.

That is why we believe that in the near future we can see an even stronger space flight industry that will break down much faster than before. And we believe that we will start to use the resources on the moon to a greater extent than before in a sustainable way, says Chinese scientist Yao.

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