Chinese smartphone shipments saw a huge drop in sales

Chinese smartphone shipments saw a huge drop in sales

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Sales of smartphones in China drop

It is common knowledge that China is the largest manufacturer of smartphones in the world. However, due to various crises in the world that have befallen us in the last few years. The situation is therefore changing drastically, and bad trends continue. Accordingly, China shipped approximately 18 million smartphones in April this year. However, although that number seems to be large, unfortunately it is not. Given that this is a decrease of 22% over the same period last year.

According to CINNO statistics, the most popular smartphone manufacturer in China is definitely Apple, followed by the Chinese giant Xiaomi, Oppo, and Vivo. As for the decline or increase in sales of certain brands, Apple recorded a decline of only 2.2% year on year. While in terms of the manufacturer Xiaomi, the decline is much larger, amounting to 32% compared to the previous year.

While it is very interesting to say that Honor had an increase of a record 128% compared to last year.

In any case, it will be very interesting to follow the situation of smartphones in the Chinese market, but of course also in the world. What will happen next. Will the situation improve or will there be a further decline in smartphone sales.

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