Gearbest: How To Get a Refund

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Some time ago I learned that Gearbest has financial problems, and that many customers have not received their paid products. Therefore, today I will briefly explain to you how you can get a refund. Namely, this mega internet company has certainly had financial problems for the last two years. The biggest problem is that it does not pay regular suppliers the products they sell on their website. Unfortunately, they did not manage to solve this problem, which led to the drop spilling over the glass.

When this happened, suppliers stopped delivering the goods, and this led to the end customers who paid for their orders not getting their paid products. But most important of all, however, is that their Gearbest support no longer responded to customer inquiries. And of course when you find yourself in that situation that wasn’t comfortable at all, then you don’t know what to do to get your money back.

It is certainly always advice to contact their service, however in this situation this is not valid because they do not respond to your inquiries. Then all you have to do is open a case on paypal or start a chargeback so you can get a refund from Gearbest. This means that if you have paid via PayPal, then you need to start the refund process directly on their website. But if you pay directly with the card, then you need to start a process called chargeback. You can also initiate the above chargeback process through your bank that issued your card.

In the explanation you should emphasize that you paid for the goods and never received them. You should also say that their service does not respond to your inquiries.

Anyway tell me in the comments did you got a refund from Gearbest.

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