Gearbest website is again online but it is only on Italian

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We can all agree that biggest Chinese e-commerce store is definitely Gearbest. At least it was two months ago when for the first time their website was completely shut down. But for some people who knows better business and what was actually happening was not surprised for the Gearbest.  But some time after the website is again online but it is not on English, at this moment it is only on Italian. Everything on their website is on Italian. So we don’t know what is actually going now with their company, and why is only on Italian.

Maybe from now on they will only sell Chinese products for Italian customers. But again we can’t be sure about that. So definitely you need to be careful, and you need to think twice if you want to buy something from them. Because at this moment they are not safe to buy at least in our opinion. There are many other places for online shopping for Chinese products like AliExpress.

Gearbest is in big trouble because they were not paying the goods from the factories.  And because of that normally the factories stopped delivering their products. Basically the customers also did not received the paid products or orders. Many people have complained but unfortunately, from what I can see until today many of them did not received paid orders.

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