JD Logistics buys 20,000 new energy vehicles across China

JD Logistics buys 20,000 new energy vehicles across China

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World-renowned e-commerce JD.com has announced that is buying new energy efficient vehicles. JD Logistics to procure 20,000 new vehicles across China. In order to reduce the amount of carbon dioxide emissions. All vehicles will be energy efficient. This will reduce about 400,000 tons of carbon dioxide in China each year.

Currently all vehicles have been replaced in Beijing. Which proves that JD Logistics is working full steam ahead. Using green transport, and using innovative technologies not only reduces the amount of carbon dioxide. It also increases transport efficiency, and at the same time reduces energy consumption for distribution.

JD Logistics new energy efficient vehicles

JD Logistics evenly replaces vehicles so that there are no problems with transport and distribution. In addition, they planned exactly how much time they needed to replace. So that reduced the waiting time for vehicles.

JD Logistics energy efficient

For example in the JD Logistics industrial park under the name Asia No1. Everything is done through a digital modern network. Which determines exactly how which vehicles will move, and which route. The platform is very advanced because it can recognize cameras. And can visually guide the driver afterwards.

Not to be left alone on frugal green vehicles, we can say that JD Logistics also uses photovoltaic cells. They use it in all its intelligent logistics parks. These photovoltaic systems are used for electricity generation, but of course also for electricity storage.

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