Laser cuter with budget price: Aufero Laser 1 review

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Aufero Laser 1 review

Chinese Company Ortur has recently introduced their new brand called Aufero. With this new brand they have released really interesting cheap laser cuter called Aufero Laser 1. This Chinese company is already known for very good laser machines,  and we are not surprised to see new models upcoming. This one is called Aufero Laser 1 which is definitely budget friendly because it costless then $400. But at the same time it provides many positive and useful features. For example it is plug and play, or in other words you don’t need to assemble it because it is already assembled. Besides that Aufero Laser 1 provides great performance and a large working area. In our opinion this laser engraving machine is also mobile, and you can move it anywhere. And at the same time it does not take too much space.

Aufero Laser 1 Review – Cheap Laser Cuter

When you’re working with cheap engraving machines it is very important to have good protection, so in this case this machine offers multiple safety protection which is very important. According to the company it comes with 4 safety protections,  and it comes with latest 9th generation motherboard. If you’re asking yourself what is working area, then we can tell you that the engraving area is 180 x 180mm. For this particular laser engraver, Ortur is offering several different laser modules depending on what you are going to do. With this machine you can engrave and cut on different materials like wood and plastic. Also if you are interested how in reality works you can see our YouTube videos. When we are talking about the price, at this moment it is less than $400 which is really a good price. We believe that the best place is to buy on their official shop on AliExpress.

If you asking yourself how to use engraving machine then you don’t need to worry, because it’s quite easy to use it. Aufero Laser 1 has only several different buttons, which two of them are for restart and power on off function. Basically you control the machine on your computer. So you only need to do is connect your machine with USB cable which is provided in the box. And in the program you can move it in any direction. But also you can adjust settings for engraving process, and what you want to expect with engraving result. You can see what kind of engraving quality you can expect with this engraving machine. When we speak about accessories, you are going to receive user manual, some spare parts and tools. But also you are going to receive USB cable, power adaptor, and protection for your eyes. So basically you are going to receive everything you need to have to start engraving.

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