Motorola launches 5G phone in China: Moto Edge X30

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Motorola has several days ago introduced their latest 5G flagship smartphone in China. Actually it is about Moto Edge X30. With this smartphone they want to have a larger share in the world in the smartphone market world. So when we speak about tech specifications, it is based on the latest Snapdragon 8 Gen 1 processor where it has 6.7 inch flexible organic OLED light-emitting diode screen.

Moto Edge X30 price in China

At this moment from available information the price is about 3000 yuan – $480, which is actually really a good price for flagship smartphone.

Besides that this interesting smartphone from China is equipped with 50 megapixel ultrawide main camera. Normally the selfie camera is very popular these days, and because of that the selfie camera has impressive 60 megapixel camera sensor.

Also from market consultancy IDC, approximately 90 million smartphones were delivered to China customers in the last quarter of this year. And comparing with year before, this is unfortunately still not a good result. But at the same time market consultancy IDC believes that China will export more smartphones in the 2022 with 3.8 percent growth.

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