Qualcomm intends cooperation with Chinese partners

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From what I can see Chinese companies are going to to make cooperation with US company Qualcomm Inc. The first thing they want to do is regarding 5G mobile network, but also artificial intelligence, and other similar technologies for many people worldwide. It is not surprised to us that they are are starting to work together even more close because Chinese industry has several mobile companies in top 5 in the world like Xioami. Frank Meng, chief of Qualcomm China says this kind of cooperation provides better environment for business for all Chinese companies. And this opportunity cannot be missed.

In other words Qualcomm is going to invest even more in Chinese technology. Because of date many companies from the China will improve their products, and at the same time they believe the same products will be even cheaper. Before they accomplished that, they need with Chinese partners make several important changes like empower smart terminals, smart cities, but also create high-quality development. Earlier at CIIE, Qualcomm showed many interesting technological Solutions for their partners. For example they they showed orange scooter with automatic driving, but also many other extinct features and products. So overall we believe just beginning of great cooperation in China.

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