Flsun V400

See why Flsun V400 is fast 3D printer with 400mm/s high print speed

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Flsun V400 is possible the fastest 3D printer with 400mm/s print speed.

Like any technology, 3D printer technology is advancing every year. Also, the Chinese company Flsun will soon present its new 3D printer. It will be called Flsun V400 which will offer an impressive high print speed of 400mm/s. So in other words, we can say that this device is fast 3D printer thanks to its performance. Which is very impressive for any 3D printer because you need to take into account that at higher speeds. The stability of the printer itself is very important, as well as the print quality. In fact, the biggest problem with higher 3D printing speeds was print quality.

This problem plagues the legs of 3D printer manufacturers, while in this case Flsun guarantees that the print quality will be just as good as with slower 3D printing. For now, this is all available information on the Flsun V400. But I believe that new information will appear soon because it will reportedly be presented to the public very soon. So we will find out more about the price, but of course other technical characteristics of this 3D printer. The only thing we can recommend for now is to visit their Facebook page where you will be able to learn more about this upcoming fast 3D printer.

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