The Maimang 11 5G smartphone

The Maimang 11 5G smartphone arrives with a 6000mAh battery for only $300

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The Maimang 11 5G smartphone with huge battery of 6000mAh!!!

China Telekom has finally officially announced that it will unveil a new mobile phone called the Maimang 11 5G at a conference on May 10. According to current information, we can see that this phone will have the following designations TYH622M. Also under the hood will have a very powerful Dimensity 700 chipset.

In terms of operating system, it will run on Android 11, while the screen will be 6.7 inches with a resolution of 1,600 x 720. However, one of the most important technical features is definitely a battery with a capacity of 6000mAh, which is really impressive for a mobile phone.

But of course the price also plays a big role as it will be very affordable so for example for a phone with 8gb ram and 256gb internal memory the price will be 1999 yuan which is approximately $ 300.

The listed price is definitely acceptable considering everything this phone has to offer, where we should definitely not forget that this phone also offers 5G connectivity.

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