The new game "Warcraft Arc War" has met with many bad reviews

The new game “Warcraft Arc War” has met with many bad reviews

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As we wrote earlier on this topic, namely Blizzard announced a new and first mobile game based on the game World of Warcraft. However, later it turned out that it was not exactly as they had announced. Because Warcraft Arc War is very similar to tower defense games.

That is why many users and potential players are not satisfied. And the biggest reason or the main reason for the most criticism is that the game did not meet the expectations of many Internet users. So even today, many Warcraft players are hoping that one day Blizzard will launch a mobile game, but one that will be the true successor to World of Warcraft.

There are a lot of negative comments, but as far as we can see, Blizzard is relatively calm about it and there are no reactions. Which leads us to the conclusion that they are not too sensitive on this issue.

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