The new Surface Duo will have an innovative foldable screen

The new Surface Duo will have an innovative foldable screen

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According to some information, the new Surface Duo could be the best of all so far. Because it could have a new generation folding screen. Which, of course, will allow users to use it with one hand, which is certainly useful for business users.

If we recall the 2003 film The Matrix Reloaded, then we can recall when Morpheus said the following: I don’t see coincidence, I actually see transparency, and I see purpose. Well we also believe that for the new generation Surface Duo Microsoft will reveal some very interesting details in the near future.

new Surface Duo

Given that Microsoft recently applied for a new patent to use for the Surface Duo device, we can spot a new unique method for folding screens without tilting spaces. But also the ability to fold the screen back 360 degrees.

Apparently, the new generation of Surface Duo devices will solve more or less all the problems that the current model has. Considering that the screen can be bent in all directions by 360 degrees, we believe some users will be annoyed that the screen is not in one whole but consists of two wholes.

In any case, we are waiting for new interesting information on this issue soon.

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