UGOOS AM6B Plus Review

UGOOS AM6B Plus Review: Android box with Amlogic S922X-J

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UGOOS is a well-known Chinese company that has been producing Android box devices for some time. In this case, we want to present you through a review of their strongest model UGOOS AM6B Plus, which boasts an Amlogic S922X-J processor. They have certainly been producing Android box devices for years, and it is the last in the AM6B Plus series. It is their strongest media player that they currently have on offer thanks to very powerful hardware.
So it is based on the Amlogic S922X-J processor. This processor is currently the strongest option on the Android box player. But that’s not all because in addition to a very powerful processor, it also has 4 GB of DDR4 RAM, which additionally enables very good performance in any respect. So from watching movies, IPTV, but of course playing games will not create any problems for this device.

UGOOS AM6B Plus parts

UGOOS AM6B Plus specs

However, from the very beginning, I noticed that this is a very high quality device because they made an effort to make the quality of workmanship itself superior. Since the case is made of metal, not cheap plastic. In terms of operating system, this Android box runs on Android 9.0. But I believe that in the foreseeable future there will be an upgrade to a new operating system.
The current situation with the operating system and user trial is as follows. I did not notice any problems or slowdowns during use, everything I used worked most normally without waiting. So as far as the software part is concerned there are no problems.

UGOOS AM6B Plus Android operating system

Of course, what is also very interesting is that this device supports Dolby Audio and Atmos, which is certainly an advantage over many other Android box devices because practically 99% do not support them at all. And real moviegoers know why I’m talking about it because it’s a very important feature of watching movies.
For all this to work well, a stable internet connection is needed because as you know very well, it all comes down to YouTube, IPTV, and similar online services. That’s why they made sure that UGOOS AM6B Plus has WIFI 6. In other words, thanks to WIFI 6 technology, this device supports higher data transfer speeds, but also increased overall capacity and at the same time higher environmental performance at high client densities.

UGOOS AM6B Plus android download

AM6B Plus Benchmark

To make it all work well, they built in two connectors for the two wi-fi antennas that of course you get in the package. Of course, two wi-fi antennas provide better range and greater connection stability. It also supports dual-band wi-fi which means it supports 2.4 ghz but also 5 ghz wi-fi. However, if you prefer everything via cable, then this is not a problem either, as it has a network cable port that supports a maximum of 000Mbps. When testing this Android box, I tried out a few of the most important features. And those are YouTube, IPTV, and I’ve played a few games. And I can freely say that everything I tried worked most normally without any problems. In other words, they did a very good job of optimizing the hardware with the software.

UGOOS AM6B Plus tech specs

All in all, this is a great Android box, so if you are currently shopping. Definitely then you need to consider this UGOOS AM6B Plus device whose price is currently around $ 190 depending on the store.
I can suggest you to buy in the next one, because this store also has a European warehouse, so your device will arrive at your home address as soon as possible. If you have any questions feel free to ask or already if you have this device let me know your homes in the comments.

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