WeChat PC version can finally work without mobile phone

WeChat PC version can finally work without smartphone

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WeChat PC version download for latest version without mobile phone

Finally in the last update of the WeChat PC version program there are several new functions which are very useful for the users. So basically most important functions are that now you can use WeChat PC version without mobile phone. While the other most important function is definitely a possibility for transfer files. Which is more convenient than before so let’s say a few words about this new update.

WeChat PC version latest update features

You may already know that before with WeChat PC version were some problems with login. Basically they said that this computer version program is independent. But actually in the reality every time when you want to login, you need to input your password. But also you have to scan the barcode with your smartphone, and this was really boring to do every time. As we said earlier this problem is gone now because with the latest update for computer you don’t need to do this anymore. Basically you can normally login on your computer in WeChat PC. Or in other words it is much easier to use it.

WeChat PC version windows

Basically only for the first time you need to scan the barcode with your smartphone. After that every time you want to login into WeChat PC version on your computer it will automatically log in. To have this possibility all you have to do is update WeChat to the latest version.

In our opinion the second useful feature with the latest update is definitely a possibility to transfer files on your computer without logging in WeChat PC version.

WeChat PC version windows login

So overall if you like to use this features all you have to do is download latest update. Or you can completely uninstall the current version on your computer, and then download the latest version from this website.

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