flagship phone Meizu 19 series

Where is flagship phone Meizu 19 series now for $300

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We will definitely agree that the Chinese company Meizu, lately does not present new models of mobile phones so often. We don’t really know the exact reason for that, but as I said in the last two or three years, they haven’t introduced too many new models. So every new model is truly a sensation. And so they introduced their new strongest model Meizu 19 which costs about $ 300 which is actually not a bad price on its hardware. But not much is being written about that model, so there is not much information so far. However, the most interesting thing in the whole story is that the Chinese mobile phone manufacturer Meizu talks and presents more.

Meizu 17 Snapdragon 865

But also advertises its older models such as the Meizu 17. It was the strongest model in 2020, practically two years ago. And yes they are even worse about him today. It actually says what the current situation is in that company. We can possibly mention that this mentioned older model is always a very good mobile phone since it has a Snapdragon 865, 6.6-inch OLED Samsung screen. But also many other good features and performance. In what direction do you think this Chinese company is going?

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