Vivo T2 Snapdragon 870

You must see smartphone Vivo T2: Snapdragon 870+80W fast charging

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Introduction of Chinese smartphone Vivo T2

Today, Chinese mobile phone maker Vivo finally unveiled its latest top model called the Vivo T2. Namely, they published two posters on which we can see the main technical characteristics of this smartphone. Namely, it will have the Snapdragon 870 chipset, which is a very powerful chipset currently on the smartphone market. But of course, like any other top model, it will support fast charging. In this case it supports 80W fast charging, where in just 15 minutes 60% of the battery capacity can be charged.

smartphone Vivo T2

Among other features, it will have a very good 64 megapixel main camera with OIS capability. This smartphone is presented under the slogan “Performance is really kung fu“.

The exact date when it will go on sale is not known yet, but we believe it will be available soon. Also the price is currently unknown, but we believe the price will be around $ 1,000 like many other similar smartphones.

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